11 Days until NomadFEST – Travel Companions (Pets)

In the continuing series of Days until NomadFEST, episode 11 – Travel Companions, also known as pets,  The safety of the pets and there interaction with others is important for our travel companions that are more than pets to many of us.  The following guidelines and information will make you and your travel companions have a better NomadFEST experience.

The rules associated with safety will be enforced by NomadFEST staff and Camp Hosts.   Disregard of enforcement or repeated violations of the rules could result in you being asked to leave..

Pet Friendly

The camping area of the fairgrounds is per friendly.  Your pets are welcome at your campsite and the common areas.  Be respectful of other people’s campsites with your pet.

The Casual Social on Thursday Night starting at 7:30 pm is a pet friendly event.  Come meet our travel companion Zoe.

The following venues and events do not permit pets.

  • The Ritz Theater
  • Friday Night – Fish Fry
  • Sunday Night – RVillage BBQ and Potluck

The list of venues and events not permitting pets could change closer to NomadFEST.

Pets on Leash

All pets outside an RV are required to be on a leash.  This rule is a safety rule in place to protect your pet and those around you.

Do not leave your pet outside unattended.

Clean up after Pet

You are required to clean up after your pet.  You are expected to pick up after your pet and dispose of the waste.  This rule is to support safety.

Goat’s Head

Goat’s Head is a type of plant that is common in the Southwest and in Wellington.  The fruit of the plat looks like a goat’s head and will attached themselves to you and your pet.  The goat’s head have sharp barbs and can even puncture a bicyle tire.  You will want to keep tabs of your pets and address the goat’s head as soon as you can if your pets get involved with them.

Goat’s head is well established at Pioneer Park and the Overflow area.

Avoid Eating Grass

Your pets should avoid eating grass at the fairgrounds.  You might wish to clean your pets feet too.  During the filming of the RV Nomads movie a number of dogs ened up getting diarrhea.  it was suspected that the cause is related to the livestock that use the fairgrounds.

The following vet was used during production and Laura Hebard recommends them based on her experience.

Tumbleweeds  Mobile Veterinary Service – (580) 301-3513 – www.tumbleweedsvet.com


Keep an eye on the weather and take the appropriate steps to keep you pet healthy.  The temperature could get very cool or warm.  There could be some wind and rain.  Consider all of these when your pets are with you and when you leave them at your RV.

If you venture away from your campsite, don’t forget to bring water for your travel companion.


Follow the above rules and take in consideration the Goat’s Head, grass, and weather will enable you and your pet to have a great time at NomadFEST,  I hope to meet your travel companions and for you to meet Zoe.  I hope to see you in 11 days at NomadFEST.

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