13 Days until NomadFEST – Departing NomadFEST

In the continuing series of Days until NomadFEST, episode 13 – Departing NomadFEST, is about what you need to consider for departing NomadFEST.  Some people might choose to leave on Sunday while Monday is expected to be when most people depart NomadFEST.  Keep in mind around 250 RV’s will depart between Sunday and Monday.  Please refer to the NomadFEST web pages for the latest information.

There is no formal checkout process.  You can leave when you desire as long as you follow the following guidelines.

Departure Time

Parking is being designed to permit departures without impacting other campsites.  You are asked to respect quiet hours are from 10:00 PM—7:00 AM and not depart during these hours.   The fairground needs to be vacated on Monday.

Exiting the fairgrounds

There should be up to four different routes to exit the fairgrounds.


The expectations are the same as normal boondocking.  You are expected to leave the site better than you found it.  You are to make sure all of your trash is removed from the site.


Unlike when you parked, you can hook up your toad at your campsite before you depart.

Dumping Tanks

The fairgrounds is not equipped with a dumping station.  The area does not have many dump station options.

While there is a dump station at Pioneer Park, that dump station will be used by the VIP participants staying at Pioneer Park.  Please do not use the dump station at Pioneer Park since that use will impact those trying to leave Pioneer Park.

You should consider dumping at your next overnight stop.  There are full hookup RV parks in Shamrock and Childress.  If you are heading east on I-40, Next Exit identifies that exit 10 has a dump station at the rest stop.

Do not dump any dishwater or water form your grey or black tanks in your campsite.  Only dump water in a dump site.


If you need any assistance when departing please engage the NomadFEST staff.

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