15 Days until NomadFEST – Getting Around Wellington

In the continuing series of Days until NomadFEST, episode 15 – Getting Around Wellington, we will discuss getting around Wellington.  We will cover the main venues for NomadFEST activities and a couple of other locations it would be good to know.

As the staff for NomadFEST complete planning activities, updates for the best way to travel to the venues will be provided.  You will be able to use a free shuttle service or walk to the venues around the Wellington Square.


FREE shuttle service to the Wellington Square to go to the Ritz Theater or the Colab will be available for all to use. Multiple shuttle stop locations will be available and noted on welcome guides provided at registration.

The Ritz Theater

The RitzTheater is the location for the premiere of the RV Nomads Movie at 6:00 pm on Saturday, October 20th.  A second showing will be held at 8:15 pm on the same evening.

The Ritz Theater is also the location for the sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

The Ritz Theater is about a mile walk from the fairgrounds.  Depending on where you are parked you might be closer.

Wellington Square

The town square is where The Ritz Theater and the location of where National Indoor RV Centers RV Show will be around the Square.  Co-Lab is located on the Square and is the EPICenter of collaboration for EpIC NOMAD TV.

Fairgrounds Pavilion

The Fairgrounds Pavilion will be used for three groups of events during NomadFEST.  The following events will be held at the Fairgrounds Pavilion.

  • Thursday – 7:30 pm – Casual Social – Coordinated by Our Nomadic Story
  • Friday – 5:15 pm – Escapees/Xscapers Welcome Rally, Fish Fry, and Music by Audrey Callahan & Drivin’ & Vibin’ 
  • Sunday – 5:00 pm – RVillage BBQ Cook-off Competition & Potluck Dinner

Other Points of Interest

There are several other points of interest in the image below.  All of the locations are loaded off 8th Street.

Mona’s Firehouse Cocina

Mona’s is a locally owned restaurant that has good and reasonably priced food.  You can refer to the article that reviews Mona’s with the link below.

Market Square Thriftway

Local Grocery Store with most items.  The addition of nearly 20% of the population of Wellington for NomadFEST might impact the store.

Dollar General

Another location to pick up items you might need to fill in the gaps is Dollar General.

Allsup’s Convenience Store

Near the intersection of 8th Street and US 83 is the Allsup’s Convenience Store.  It is a location to purchase fuel and convenience store items.

Additional Information

At 50 days to NomadFEST I posted an article about where to resupply before arriving.  It also includes information about other locations in Wellington.  You might want to look at the article.

I hope the information in this article helps with your NomadFEST experience.

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