17 Days until NomadFEST – Parking Information

In the continuing series of Days until NomadFEST, episode 17 – Parking Information.  Parking will be your first “event” of NomadFEST.   Episode 16 will cover the Guidelines for a Pleasent Stay.

Between the 5 hours on Thursday and 8.5 hours on Friday.  The average number of RV’s to be parked per hour if there is 200 RV’s would be 15 per hour.  That means one RV pared on average every 4 minutes.  Since there will not be an even distribution of RV’s to be parked, there will be periods where the number of RV’s parked per hour will be much higher.

With the following information, you can make the process run smoother and reduce issues.  Please take a couple of minutes to review and refer to the article before you arrive.

RV Sites

Parking is organized as VIP and General Attendees.

VIP Parking

VIP Parking is located at Pioneer Park.  Pioneer Park is about 7 miles north of Wellington Fairgrounds on US 83.

A Shuttle Service will be available to bring you to the Fairgrounds and Wellington Square for Saturday and Sunday events.

General Attendees

General Attendees Parking is at the Wellington Fairgrounds.  The Fairgrounds are located at 1 st & Hwy 83, Wellington, TX 79095

 Pre-event participants – please arrive no later than 12:00 noon on your assigned arrival day.

Please plan to arrive between 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM on Thursday or 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on Friday. pre-event participants – please arrive no later than 12:00 noon on your assigned arrival day.  Parking closes at 5:00 PM on Friday and there will be no provisions for parking after this time.  There is no parking on the fairground premises prior to your specified arrival date.

Most of the sites will be 50′ x 20′.  There will be several smaller sites for smaller RV of about 40′ x 20′.  Your tow or toad vehicles must be parked in your assigned campsite.

General Attendees and Overflow Arrival

The route for the General and Overflow Attendees will need to follow the directions below to support the number of RV’s that have to be parked in a short period of time.  The updated route improves the road conditions and should better accommodate the RV’s has the queue to enter the fairgrounds for check-in and parking.

The router is a one-way process so do not turn west onto 1st street upon arrival.   You will need to start following the route at Texas 203 North of the fairgrounds.

From Shamrock – North of Wellington

If you are coming south on US 83, you will need to make a right turn onto Texas 203 heading west.    You will need to make a left turn onto Texas Farm Road 1035 heading south.  You will need to make a left onto 1st Street and head east to the fairgrounds.

From Childress – South of Wellington

Drive past the fairgrounds and continue north until you get to Texas 203.  You will need to make a left onto Texas 203 and head west.  You will need to make a left turn onto Texas Farm Road 1035 heading south.  You will need to make a left onto 1st Street and head east to the fairgrounds.

1st Street to Fairgrounds

You will head east on 1st Street until you get to the fairgrounds.  NomadFEST staff and volunteers will direct you to the appropriate location to start your check-in process.


The following considerations will make speed up parking and minimize issues with your stay.  Each RV site is allowed a single “Tow/Toad,” this allows for entry into the designated RV sites.

Before Arriving

  • Please arrive with empty holding tanks & full water tanks.  Make sure to empty your tanks at your last stop before NomadFEST.
  • Arrive with your towed vehicle disconnected from your motorhome.
  • All parking is “Rally-Style” parking, which means parking as you arrive.
  • Small groups wishing to park together must arrive together. While group parking is not guaranteed, efforts are made to accommodate groups.


  • A NomadFEST volunteer will guide you to your space and assist you in parking
  • Placement within all RV Parking areas will be at the discretion of NomadFEST officials.
  • Once the attendant directs you to your site for parking, you cannot move your RV for safety purposes

Post Parking

  • Parking will be confined to your space (marked by chalk or paint)
  • Parking in a vacant RV site is strictly prohibited. Just because it is unoccupied at the moment does not mean it will be later in the day. Vehicles parked in vacant sites will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • NomadFEST officials reserve the right to have you move your RV at any time.


For the safety of all attendees of NomadFEST, the fire lanes need to be clear at all time.  Fire lanes are all marked between rows and must be respected at all times. Please do not block the fire lanes. Owners will be towed at the owner’s expense.


Your help will make the process flow better and minimize the issues with check-in and parking.  Arriving with full fresh water tanks and empty grey and black tanks will make a big difference on your experience.

See you in 17 days at NomadFEST.

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