3 Days until NomadFEST – Sunday’s Schedule

In the continuing series of Days until NomadFEST, episode 3 – Sunday’s Schedule, the updated schedule for Sunday is presented.  Even thought the movie premiere occurs on Saturday night, the sessions on Sunday are very impressive.

The morning starts off with a special panel from several of the key people that were behind the camera and behind the production of the movie.  Having had the opportunity to talk with all three of them earlier this year and watching the behind the scenes videos and interviews, this session should be very thought provoking.

The sessions on Sunday focus on the making of the movie, content creation, working on the road, and elevate the story.  What could be better as a demonstration of most fo the days topics than Nathan and Marissa of Less Junk More Journey to be the feature presentation at 3:00 pm on Sunday.  If you have followed their story you will know their transformation and touching all of the topics including being cast members in the RV Nomads Movie.  Nathan and Marissa have learned to elevate the story they tell.  There recent trip to Alaska show cases their ability to tell a story.

I you like food then the RVillage BBQ Cook-off and Potluck is the perfect way to conclude NomadFEST.  It will provide an environment to spend time with the attendees of NomadFEST and strengthen friendships.

Sunday’s Schedule

9:00 AM – Opening Remarks (The Ritz)

9:15 AM – Panel: Making Of The RV Nomads Movie with Eric Odom (Producer), Tom Morton (Director) & ENTV CEO Marc Bennett.

10:00 AM – Measurements Of Success with Caitlin Morton

10:15 AM – Panel/Workshop: Vlogging & Video 101 with Jesse Ingram

11:30 AM – Lunch Break & VIP Meet With Cast (The Ritz)

1:00 PM – Workshop: Blogging for Business – CAMP – Content, Audience, Monetization, Partnerships.) – Camille Attell & Julie Chickery (The Ritz)

2:00 PM – Panel: Working On The Road Featuring Escapees RV Club (The Ritz)

3:00 PM – Featured Presentation – Less Junk < More Journey (The Ritz)

4:00 PM – “Elevate The Story” With Eric Odom, Producer & Creator of RV Nomads (The Ritz)

5:00 PM – RVillage BBQ Cookoff Competition & Potluck Dinner (Fairgrounds)

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