365 Days until NomadFEST – Announcement & Tickets

In this edition of Days until NomadFEST – season 2 episode 365, we will discuss the announcement of NomadFEST 2019 and the availability of the first batch of tickets.

On Monday it was announced that NomadFEST is returning to Wellington in 2019.  NomadFEST will be a four day event with two arrival and two departure days.  A Halloween event will be included.  NomadFEST 2019 is scheduled from October 24th through November 1st.  Please read the link to the announcement for additional information.


An announcement was sent earlier today for the first patch of tickets to NomadFEST 2019.  The first batch of tickets include VIP tickets.  VIP rickets will be for Pioneer Park and the Fairgrounds.  New for 2019 will be full hookups for VIP at the Fairgrounds.  Pease refer to the official post.

I was excited to see the announcement of the tickets and Neva Rimel and I have purchased our tickets. 

The last bit of great news is I will not be posting every day through October 23, 2019.  I will post when additional details are available and when points of interest are available.  Based on having tickets, we look forward to seeing you at NomadFEST and hope you become part of Our Nomadic Story.

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