50 Days until NomadFEST – Resupply Options

It is 50 days until NomadFEST.  Seven weeks from tomorrow check-in starts for the NomadFEST and to park your RV.  Since you will be boondocking (dry camping) for up to four days, you might want to resupply at a store in Wellington or close to Wellington.  This article includes what I found as I traveled the area back in June.


Childress is a town that is about 30 miles south of Wellington, TX on US Highway 83.

Childress is the largest town around Wellington and the one town to have a Walmart Supercenter.  The Walmart includes an Auto Care Center, Pharmacy, Photo Center, and pickup service.  The store does include a small section of RV related items. 

The Walmart is open 24 hours and has parking for trucks and RV’s.  The store is at a light and the parking lot can be navigated with your RV.

Childress Walmart Supercenter – 2801 Avenue F NW, Childress, TX 78291

Childress includes a good selection of restaurants and locations to fill up on fuel.


Shamrock, TX is about 26 miles north of Wellington on US Highway 83.  Shamrock as the convenience of being an exit off Interstate 40.  Shamrock has less shopping options and smaller parking options.

Shamrock has a Family Dollar store with a modest parking lot.  You can get many shopping options at the Family Dollar.

Shamrock includes a Dollar General with limited parking.

There are several gas stations for gasoline and diesel.  The Valero station has dedicated diesel pumps and is easy Access.


Wellington has several options for groceries.  Market Square Thrifhtway is a grocery store in town and not far from the fairgrounds.  Market Square Thriftway is on 8th Street.  I do not recommend you to park your RV in the store parking lot.  Market Square is a typical small town grocery store with a good selection.

There is a Dollar General on 8th Street closer to US Highway 83.  The closest gas station and convenience store is an Allsup’s Convenience store on US Highway 83 close to 8th street.

Interstate 40

If you are traveling on Interstate 40 you have shopping options in Amarillo if you ware coming from the west.  Amarillo, TX us about 100 miles away from Wellington.  If you are coming from the east, Oklahoma City, OK is just under 200 miles from Wellington.  There are some truck stops on I40.


I would make sure that you have all of your necessities before you arrive in Wellington.  I recommend that you shop while in town to give back to the community for hosting NomadFEST.  If items you need run out while at NomadFest, there is shopping within a 1-hour round trip.

I look forward to seeing you at NomadFest in 50 days.

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