6 Days until NomadFEST – Volunteers

In the continuing series, Days until NomadFEST – episode 6 – Volunteers, we look at how volunteers make NomadFEST possible.  NomadFEST is the result of many volunteers that have invested time over the last year to select Wellington as the location for NomadFEST, work through the logistics of NomadFEST with Wellington, engage partners, plan, and make preparations for NomadFEST.  Many of this early activities occurred when production of the movie was occurring.

The coordination of the logistics to support 500 participants, around 300 RVs, several different venues, and coordinating three large dinner events over 4 days is usually more than managed by volunteers.  Caitlin Morton stepped up to coordinate NomadFEST.  Keep in mind this is the first NomadFEST and Caitlin was not able to leverage the previous years NomadFEST.  There are a number of other nomads that volunteered to assist Caitlin in the planning activities.  Keep in mind that Caitlin was jugging the planning of NomadFEST while being a part of the cast of the RV Nomads Movie, providing support as part of the crew, and doing this while Tom Morton directed the movie.

Before the start of October, Stacey QuimbyGary QuimbyJohn HebardLaura HebardEric Odom, and Jenna Richardson traveled from Washington state to Wellington to be part of the advance team to support the setup of NomadFEST.  They has been in Washington finishing most of the post production activities of the movie.  John Nejedloand Brenda Nejedlo joined the advance group in Wellington.  The eight of them were working through many tasks including organizing the camping sites at the fairgrounds, schedule updates, coordinating with vendors, and other activities to be ready for the start of check-in at NomadFEST in 6 days.  Through their busy schedules they have been kind to respond to inquiries to support this series of articles.

To successfully support an event of the size and complexity of NomadFEST requires a lot of people.  Many of the cast and crew of the movie will be supporting NomadFEST in many ways.  The cast and crew of the moview have arrived recently in Wellington or will be arriving over the next couple of days.  There are also a number of nomads that are volunteering to support NomadFEST.  Keep in mind that it is common for the volunteers to travel 1,000 miles or more to support NomadFEST.  These volunteers will be working before you arrive and after you leave.  At the time this article is posted the ages of the volunteers range from as young as 14 through retirement age.

You can help the volunteers at NomadFEST by showing patience when you might need to wait to check-in or access an event at one of the venues.  You can smile and greet the volunteers.  If you see the volunteers in a social setting, engage them and get to know them.  You might be suprised the volunteer is also a content creator.  Let them know you appreciate there efforts for NomadFEST.  Without the volunteers there would not be a NomadFEST in 6 days.

I hope all of you have a safe journey to NomadFEST and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

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