8 Days until NomadFEST – Wellington Restaurants

In the continuing series of Days until NomadFEST, episode 8 – Wellington Restaurants, we will share five places to consider having a meal while in Wellington.  Several of the cast members recommended this article base on their experiences at the five restaurants.

The four restaurants provide a wide variety of choices.  Most of the restaurants are open most days except Sunday.  The Gettin SPot is the only restaurant open on Sunday.

The following are the restaurants you should consider if you want to eat in Wellington.

  • Homebrew Bar B Que
  • Mona’s Firehouse Cocina
  • My-T Burger
  • The Gettin Spot

Information for each of the restaurants is included below.

Homebrew Bar B Que

If you are looking for a very tasty Texas BBQ, this is the place to go.  The owners are very nice people.    They regularly post specials on their Facebook page.

Address: 1209 Houston St Wellington, TX 79095

Phone: 806-477-0417

Hours: Open 11AM-8PM Friday-Saturday. 11AM-7PM Sunday – Might be open Thursday for NomadFEST.  Homebrew will close early if they run out of the food they cooked for the day.

Facebook: HomeBrew Bar-B-Que

Mona’s Firehouse Cocina

The menu includes a variety of Mexican and Americana.

Please refer to the review in the previous post for an extended review


Mona’s is located on 8th Street.  The view of the picture is from the direction of the center of town.   Drive-thru service and pick-up are available.

Address: 1502 8th St Wellington, TX 79095

Phone: 806-205-0977

Hours: Open 6AM-8PM Monday-Saturday, Closed Sunday  They have extended ours for various events.  You should call and check.

Facebook: Monas-Firehouse-Cocina 

My T-Burger

Classic American favorites and generous portions.  They serve burgers, hot dogs, fries, fish baskets, onion rings, chick tenders, Nachos, Tacos, and burritos.  You can also get shakes and ice cream deserts.

MY T-Burger has a drive-thru.

Address: 1411 West Ave Wellington, TX 79095

Phone: 806-447-5175

Hours: Open 10AM-10PM Monday-Saturday, Closed Sunday  

Facebook: My T-Burger

The Gettin Spot

The Gettin Spot is known for Pizza and breadsticks.  The menu also includes a wide variety of choices including home meal style cooking.  The menu includes Breakfast, sandwiches, burgers, salads, nachos, and a section of the menu named SOmething Different.  The menu is available on their facebook page.

Drive-thru service and pick-up are available.

Address: 1307 Houston St Wellington, TX 79095

Phone: 806-447-5830

Hours: Open 6:30AM-9PM Monday-Thursday&Staurday, 6:30AM-10PM Friday, 11AM-8PM Sunday

Facebook: The Gettin Spot 

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