Events are are an important part of our story. There are times that we go to a location to participate in an event. The following is a list of events have or will attend.



NomadFEST 2019

Scheduled for October 24th through November 1st in Wellington, TX. This is the second year of the event. The schedule has been changed to reflect the feedback of NomadFEST 2018. The changes include spreading the event out over a long period of time and to provide a slower schedule pace to permit more time for the community to interact.



NomadFEST 2018

NomadFEST 2018 was the first NomadFest our first event we attended as nomads. The event was held in Wellington, TX.

We created a series of posts to provide information for NomadFEST called Days until NomadFEST. You can explore the posts through the following link.